Double up on durians: 3 buffets in Singapore with all the durians and desserts you can eat

Durian Fiesta at Coffee Lounge. Photo: Goodwood Park Hotel
Durian Fiesta at Coffee Lounge. Photo: Goodwood Park Hotel

Durian season is back, folks. And the good news this year? Prices are going low, which is great for anyone who can’t resist the lure of the King of Fruits. Whether you’re into desserts created with the thorny fruit, or you’re all about gorging on the flesh straight out of the husk, these three buffets in Singapore have what you need.


Durian Fiesta at Goodwood Park Hotel

Durian puffs and mousse cake. Photo: Goodwood Park Hotel
Durian puffs and mousse cake. Photo: Goodwood Park Hotel

The grand dame of durian buffets, Goodwood Park Hotel is a name that’s become synonymous with D24 and Mao Shan Wang varieties in dessert form. It’s the OG of it all, and that means you’ll never be dissatisfied with a binge session here.

Every year, the pastry team dutifully comes up with new creations, and 2019 is no different. Think D24 goodness in pandan lapis coconut cake, cheesecake, mini ice cream bars, strawberry log cake, and matcha mont blanc tart. Plus, classics like the mousse cake, puffs, and crepes make a comeback.

You can also take ’em home if you’re all about that durian stink, or line your stomach with a Taiwan porridge a la carte buffet before you devour the sweet treats.

Until July 14; lunch and dinner at Coffee Lounge, Goodwood Park Hotel. Dessert buffet $39.80; Taiwan porridge buffet with durian spread $59.80 (min two persons).


Durian High Tea Buffet at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Photo: Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
Photo: Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Lesser known but still as obsessed with the tropical fruit, Marriott Cafe focuses on Mao Shan Wang for its high tea spread, which features both sweet and savory creations.

Start off with durian pizzas and durian rojak — they’re not too intense, so those on the fence about the pungent delicacy won’t have much of a struggle polishing them off — then move on to helpings of baked durian strudel, durian bread and butter pudding, durian gateau, and durian crumble. More creamy pulp comes in the form of tarts, panna cotta, crepes, and ice kachang, alongside newer items like the durian coconut custard and durian red bean pudding.

By the time you get to the end of the spread, you’ll likely be too full to even think about durian for at least another week.

June 3-July 31; 3pm-5:30pm at Marriott Cafe, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. Adults $45-$48, children $27-$30.


Mao Shan Wang durian buffet at Majestic Durian

Photo: Majestic Durian/Facebook
Photo: Majestic Durian/Facebook

This one’s a tad further afield, unless you live in the East. The uber popular Mao Shan Wang buffet returns to Bedok’s Majestic Durian this season, giving diners 90 minutes to wolf down as much of the spiky fruit’s flesh as possible. At just $38 nett, it’s a rather affordable splurge, considering MSW can already set you back $16/kg.

Other thorny varieties include D101, D13, and Black Gold, and each paying adult can be accompanied by a kid under the age of 12 or a senior citizen above 55, who can feast for free. But be sure to only take what you can eat; greediness will get you slapped with an extra wastage charge.

Daily until stocks run out; 2pm-10pm at Blk 84 Bedok North St 4, #01-29. $38.

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