Ditch the flowers for fried chicken bouquets this Valentine’s Day

Photos: Laveetheflorist/Facebook (L) & Golden Tulips Atelier/Facebook (R)
Photos: Laveetheflorist/Facebook (L) & Golden Tulips Atelier/Facebook (R)

Valentine’s Day = roses, chocolates, and wines. Yeah, yeah, we know. But perhaps it’s time to switch things up a notch — after all, there are only so many wilted flower deliveries that you can endure year after year.

So for the few of you who still celebrate the over-hyped, commercialized festivity — c’mon, it’s not even a real holiday — here’s how you can get creative.

Fried chicken bouquets. Yep, just take a minute to really let that sink in.

While they’re not exactly a 2018 invention — Malaysia even got ahead of us last year — we’ve recently chanced upon a couple florists in Singapore arranging customized edible bouquets that contain everything from fried chicken wings to nuggets to seaweed chicken, everyone’s favorite childhood snack. Check ’em out below.


Golden Tulips Atelier

Photo: Golden Tulips Atelier/Facebook

A bouquet of bite-sized chicken nuggets, anyone? Besides the fact that you can actually eat this bouquet (instead of watching it slowly wilt and die in days), it’s also more affordable than flowers which, as you know, can reach up to exorbitant prices when V-day draws near.

With food sources from Halal-certified vendors, Golden Tulips Atelier has made many a customer happy with its chicken wing bouquets, candy and chocolate bouquets, and even cheese bouquets. Basically, you just have to tell the team your heart’s desire in a bouquet, and they’ll let you know if they can turn it into a reality. Orders start from S$40, but if you buy the food items yourself, they’ll charge you as low as S$20 just for the workmanship and materials.



Photo: Petalfoo/Facebook

Yep, that’s an Old Chang Kee bouquet you’re looking at right there. Although it comes with a price tag of about S$70, which is way more than what skewers from the F&B chain should cost, it looks way better than the unattractive plastic bags these snacks usually come in.

Besides fried food, Petalfoo also crafts some pretty unique bouquets using unconventional items such as clay roses (S$120 onwards), fairy lights (S$60 onwards), exploding confetti (price varies), polaroids (S$70 onwards), and even men’s ties (S$120) — and yes, the ties can be removed from the bouquet and worn by the recipient.


Lavee The Florist

Photo: Laveetheflorist/Facebook

If you prefer a bit of variety in your bouquet, hit up Lavee the Florist for edible bunches (from S$68) featuring fried chicken, chicken nuggets, seaweed chicken, hot dogs, fishballs, and even the occasional chili pepper. Other customizable items include Kit Kats, Snickers bars, and even avocados.


Bonus: The Beast

Photo: The Beast

Nothing says “I love you” better than a fried chicken and cornbread waffle bouquet (S$38) that proudly proclaims “I’m so clucky to have you”, or “I clucking love you”, or “you are impeckable”. While not a florist, this restaurant’s creation has it all — Southern fried bird, chewy waffles, baby’s breath… and puns.

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