Custom edible bouquets take Malaysian netizens by storm

Singapore’s heart-shaped fried chicken pizza is nothing compared to what we have — fried chicken bouquets:

Edible bouquets have been going around Malaysia during valentines for a few years, as Mazzo di Flore florist shop owner Lim Li Jun proved with her unique vegetable bouquets as well. 

As quoted from The Star Online, Lim had “bouquets made out of a broccoli, mushrooms, cherries, carrots, spring onions, chillies and others.” She also adds that organic vegetables were used as they were “larger and fresher.” She has stated however that these bouquets are most popular only during Mother’s day.

So how much does the bouquet costs? Depends on the current price of vegetables, Lim said.

Other stores have also jumped on the bandwagon. Annyeong Flower owner Michelle Wong is selling chicken nugget bouquets for RM200 onwards. According to Wong, these chicken bouquets have “been all the rage in Korea” and that it has “caused quite a stir in Malaysia last year” when she uploaded a picture of her custom bouquet. 

For the significant other with a bias towards fried chicken, there’s a choice between original, spicy or Korean fried chicken. 

Besides the chicken bouquet, Michelle also tried her hands on crafting a fruity bouquet, where the combination of visual and fragrance appeal makes it another big hit.

However, most customers would still prefer to order the usual flowers over these unique and yummy bouquets — though we really can’t blame them because their bouquets look absolutely gorgeous.


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