Diet-friendly desserts: This new online bakery goes the low-calorie route with keto cakes and breads

Photos: Seriously Keto Singapore/Facebook
Photos: Seriously Keto Singapore/Facebook

The ketogenic (or keto) diet, for the uninitiated, is basically one that’s low in carbs and high in fats. Those who get on its bandwagon see their body burning ketones (produced by fat) instead of glucose (produced by carbs), which purportedly results in higher metabolism, more energy, and decreased hunger pangs.

But what would desserts be without carbs, you ask? Apparently, it’s possible to have your keto cake and eat it, says Seriously Keto, self-hailed as the country’s first entirely ketogenic bakery. Its founder Janti Brasali is clearly a proponent of the diet, having been on it for a while herself, and sought to cater to other health-conscious sweet tooths when she had trouble finding baked goods in Singapore that aligned with her lifestyle. So after countless hours of experimentation in the kitchen, Seriously Keto was born.

Photos: Seriously Keto Singapore/Facebook
Photos: Seriously Keto Singapore/Facebook

Axing gluten and added sugar from its recipes, the online shop offers a variety of low-carb, low-calorie bakes, from cakes and cupcakes to breads and spreads. The buns ($8.90/two), for example, are fiber-packed and made of almond flour, psyllium husk, egg whites, unsalted butter, and apple cider vinegar, resulting in a fluffy texture that’s almost as pillowy as marshmallows. Yeah, it’ll keep those carb-induced food comas at bay.

To pair with a slice of bread, Seriously Keto also has familiar house-made spreads like kaya ($9.90, a blend of coconut cream and pandan leaves) and peanut butter ($5.90, roasted raw peanuts with low-carb MCT oil and Himalayan sea salt).

If you’re feeling peckish for something sweeter, the cupcakes ($5.90) and cakes ($49.90-$115) come in flavors such as red velvet, pandan, chocolate, cinnamon, blueberry, and vanilla with strawberry. Made with Swerve, a natural sweetener that’s touted to avoid insulin spikes, the light bakes claim to be diabetic-friendly as well.

Photo: Seriously Keto Singapore/Facebook
Photo: Seriously Keto Singapore/Facebook

Granted, prices here are a notch higher than elsewhere, but that’s what you pay for living a healthier lifestyle, we suppose. Each purchase is baked to order, and customers can collect their goods at Orchard Central’s Happy Pancakes or throw in an extra $7 for delivery.

Those interested in attempting the keto lifestyle can also check out Brasali’s cookbook, available at public libraries, for 14 of her easy-to-make recipes.

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