CNN’s choice for Singapore’s best national cake is… pandan cake?

Photo: Andrea Nguyen / Flickr
Photo: Andrea Nguyen / Flickr

CNN recently hailed its top cakes from around the world, with Italy’s Tiramisu, Germany’s Black Forest Cake and Indonesia’s Kueh Lapis making the list.

Singapore, however, shares a spot with Malaysia for our… pandan cakes?

CNN calls our plain ol’ dessert a “revelation” for the marriage between chiffon cake and pandan flavours. The Pine Garden is said to offer the best pandan cake, it said — though we’re sure many would agree that Bengawan Solo generally does the cake well.

CNN pandan cake
Photo: CNN screengrab

We’ve never had a legitimately good pandan cake before (they tend to be dry as hell and a bit too plain for our taste), so we’re on the skeptical end of the spectrum with this list. Sure, there’re dozens of listicles out there about where to get the best pandan cakes — but aren’t they considered to be the kind of cake you give someone when you don’t really care about that person?

Point us to the right direction of pandan-flavoured glory if you will, dear readers.

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