Clementi’s Prata Alley is where Indian-Muslim cuisine gets the hipster cafe treatment

Prata Alley’s turmeric fried rice. Photo: Prata Alley / Facebook

Gentrification and hipster-ization comes for all, from the humble pasar malam (night market) to nasi lemak — and at one time for yuks, the logos of Singapore statutory boards. Well, here’s one more to add to the list: Indian-Muslim eateries.

If traditional cuisine made palatable for the ‘gram is your thing, then Prata Alley is right up your, er, alley. The restaurant at 321 Clementi shopping mall offers good ol’ classics such as nasi goreng and roti john alongside fancy ones such as pizza pratas and mojito cocktails (which are probably just regular ice limau). And everything’s served up in a chic cafe-like environment with an open kitchen where you can watch kindly uncles prep your nosh.

Though Prata Alley itself has been around since last year, it revamped its menu and decor before opening its doors again in July. Food blog The Halal Eater recently launched the Clementi hotspot into viral fame, showcasing its unique entrées in the new space. Checkkit below:

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