Here are the burgers and mega-sized milkshakes we like from Marina Bay Sands’ newest, Black Tap

Crispy chicken sandwich. Photo: Black Tap

Now that the hype over Marina Bay Sands’ newest restaurant, Black Tap has slightly settled, you must be wondering what’s good on the extensive menu of burgers and milkshakes. Plenty, as it turns out. Our stomachs are only so big, so we couldn’t chow down on every single menu item — but here’s what we had at the 133-seater that left a solid impression.

The All-American Burger, $22

The All-American. Photo: Black Tap
Photo: Black Tap

It’s the most basic of burgers, yet it’s wildly satisfying. Layers of lettuce, tomato, pickles, American cheese, and prime beef cooked to medium doneness — all sandwiched between pillowy buns, this is one generously-sized burger you have to get your hands dirty to dig in. The meat’s juicy, the cheese is cut thick, and everything just works. Sometimes the best things are the simplest executed well.

The Cantonese BBQ Burger, $24

Photo: Black Tap
Photo: Black Tap

Made specially for the Singapore outlet, this underdog is surprisingly pleasing to the palate — we say surprising because it’s got high standards to live up to (popular rivals The Texan Burger and The Greg Norman, for starters).

It’s a prime patty with bacon and Swiss cheese, topped with uncommon burger ingredients like sambal BBQ sauce, spicy pickles, and a “Cantonese mayo” made of black bean and garlic. It all goes well together, delivering a mish-mash of zesty flavors with a dash of heat so you don’t get tired of munching on it halfway through. Plus, the burger’s served with a side of nicely crisped sweet potato fries.

Crispy Chicken Sandwich, $23

Crispy chicken sandwich. Photo: Coconuts Media
Crispy chicken sandwich with onion rings. Photo: Coconuts Media

When this massive heifer arrived on our table, the piece of golden brown bird was so enormous, it adamantly refused to be held back by something as insubstantial as a bun. All that to say, this dish may or may not be something you’d like to share, for food coma’s sake. Topped with creamy buttermilk coleslaw, spicy mayo, and Korean BBQ sauce, the fried chicken was juicy and tender, and was delicious enough to wolf down… under normal circumstances. But, our stomachs have already begun protesting at this point, and we’ve still got a line-up of desserts to try.

Side note: If you’d like to add a side of onion rings ($11) to your burger and fries, you should know that the ones here are huge, and they come with your pick of sauces from a selection that includes truffle mayo, creamy horseradish, blue cheese, and salsa verde.

Brooklyn Blackout, $19

Brooklyn Blackout and Cotton Candy. Photo: Coconuts Media
Brooklyn Blackout and Cotton Candy. Photo: Coconuts Media

Now that we’re done with the savory mains, we’re turning our attention to the sweet mains. These humongous creations are the signature product of Black Tap, and rightly so, because people will stare at you in envy when one of these beauties sits on your table.

Our favorite of the lot (slightly biased because chocolate is our jam): the Brooklyn Blackout, an extremely sweet chocolate shake decked out with mini chocolate chips, with added calories in the form of a chocolate brownie, a tower of whipped cream, and chocolate drizzle.

Two things to note: This decadent dessert-drink is so top-heavy, it starts to lean like a certain famous tower in Italy if you spend more than a couple seconds photographing it. Also, the whipped cream may not last long in our tropical heat. And please, for the love of your blood sugar levels, share it with at least three other people. (Although we did see some brave diners polishing off every last sip by themselves.)

Sour Power, $22

From left to right: Sour Power, Brooklyn Blackout, The Cakeshake, and a regular shake. Photo: Coconuts Media
From left to right: Sour Power, Brooklyn Blackout, The Cakeshake and, er, a regular shake (for size comparison sake). Photo: Coconuts Media

If you’re not much of a sweet tooth kind of person, it’s time to re-analyze your life opt for Sour Power instead. The black cherry shake — still thick, creamy, and rich — isn’t quite as cloying as the rest, thanks to the addition of candies like sour gummy poppers, Nerds candy, and a sour skewer.

And there you have it. The menu items we think are worth the calorie binge, for those times when your craving for XL burgers and milkshakes kicks in. But, beware the snaking lines at peak hours — trend-hungry Singaporeans are still descending on the just-launched restaurant in droves, and they don’t accept reservations.


Black Tap is at L1-80, Bay level of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.
Daily 11am-11:30pm.
MRT: Bayfront

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