2017 in review: Coconuts Singapore’s top 5 feature stories of the year

Snares Lion saving the day. Photo: Vel Applebee

One of our main objectives in Coconuts Singapore is to show that the Little Red Dot is more than just a simple “Disneyland with the Death Penalty” — it’s a junction of the weird and wondrous, a country where history either gets swept under an immaculately engineered carpet or quickly adapts to a rapidly-changing landscape.

Here’s to another year of madcap investigative stories and little-known lore this puny speck of a country has to offer.

Lions Among Us: Singapore’s fuzzy Furries tell all

Furry in Singapore
One of The Lion-City’s many furries. Photo: Vel Applebee

One of the most secretive, elusive and misunderstood communities welcomed one of our own into their herd. Our writer Juliette Lizeray ventures into the heart of Singapore’s furry community to find out more about the people who hold a strong affinity for anthropomorphic animals.


The man living in a Barbie world with more than 9,000 dolls

Photo: Eszter Papp

One of the world’s biggest Barbie collectors lives in sunny ol’ Singapore, and we dropped by his abode only to be awed by walls upon walls of dolls sourced from 50 countries. All rise for Singapore’s undisputed doll-collecting king.


NS50 celebrates 50 years of National Service, but conveniently forgets its past discrimination against Malays

Photo: The Singapore Army / Facebook

2017 was the year the Singapore government celebrated the 50th anniversary of its mandatory conscription programme. Our senior reporter, however, reminded everyone that National Service does not bring back warm nostalgic memories for all Singaporean men, and wrote about how the government has refused to remember its sordid, bigoted past.


An Ode to Singapore’s Dashcams: 15 of the best ‘oh, damn!’ moments caught on video

dashcam accident Singapore

The humble dashboard camera — or dash cam for short — has become an essential component of every Singaporean’s collection of vehicular gizmos the past couple of years. We take a look back at all the greatest moments.


Mysticism and Modern Tech: The life and times of a Carousell bomoh

At the junction between modern technology and faith in the supernatural, one young witch doctor is using popular online marketplace Carousell to market and advertise her mystical products and services. Our senior reporter Ilyas Sholihyn sat down with her for a chat.

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