Bataan vaccine center’s choice of entertainment goes viral

images from Twitter/@hotgirlzizek (left); still from World War Z (right)
images from Twitter/@hotgirlzizek (left); still from World War Z (right)

Seems like the vaccination experience varies widely across the country, depending on the level of organization shown by the LGUs. Some people are able to get their vaccines in less than an hour; others have had to wait the entire day for their jab.

The organizers at one of the vaccination sites in Bataan had the brilliant idea of making the queues a little bit more bearable by putting up projectors so that people could while away the time with a movie. It’s a smart solution. What could go wrong?

Of all the movies out there, maybe don’t choose World War Z, the 2013 zombie apocalypse movie starring Brad Pitt as a dashing former United Nations employee trying to fight a pandemic.

This photo was sent to Twitter user @hotgirlzizek’s older sister by a friend, showing an orderly line of people waiting for their vaccines while the credits for World War Z are up on the screen. (Though her original post says that the jab center was in Cavite, OP corrected it later to say that it was in Bataan.)

The person in charge of picking the flicks either had a wicked sense of humor or he wasn’t paying attention. Or maybe he was bored and just wanted to watch the world burn.

Some commenters pointed out that it was actually the perfect movie for the occasion—it was about a virus that turned people into zombies, after all, and the cure was a vaccine. Others commented that, similarly, Contagion would be a great choice for a vaccine-center flick.

Of course, we live in a world where news outlets have to actively debunk “theories” that zombie apocalypse films somehow foretell the current pandemic, so who knows what people take away from the well-meaning film showing.

If anyone’s thinking twice about getting a vaccine because of something they saw on film, take it from an expert like I Am Legend scriptwriter Akiva Goldman, who tweeted just a few weeks ago:

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