Waze responds to comedian Rufa Mae Quinto’s ‘audition’

Photo: Screenshot from Rufa Mae Quinto Facebook page

Waze has apparently seen comedian Rufa Mae Quinto’s “audition” and it looks like they liked it.

On Thursday, Waze finally responded to the actress’ hilarious vlog “auditioning” to voice the GPS navigation app, saying that she really didn’t need to audition.

“No need to audition. You can make your very own Waze Voice using your Waze app,” it said in the tweet.

Waze continued to give directions on how to do so: by heading to one’s Settings in the app and picking the Voice Directions option. From there, anyone can start recording.

You can share your voice directions to your friends and family by providing them with a link!

Quinto’s recent vlog has earned a lot of love from Filipinos, garnering over 970,000 views and 12,000 shares on Facebook, and 521,000 views on YouTube.

She starts the video with a greeting: “Hello there, welcome back to me, I’m Rufa ‘Waze’ Quinto.”

She added that there have been a lot of requests for her to act like the Waze navigation voice. Quinto said that the vlog is her “application, my own audition” to give the public a taste of what to expect if she were to become a Filipino Waze navigation voice.

Of course, she couldn’t do it without including some of her famous catchphrases. “Go, go, go to the highest level until you reach 5th Avenue! Not in 2nd Avenue, not in 3rd Avenue, not in 4th Avenue, but in 5th Avenue!” she says.

Quinto acknowledged Waze’s response on social media on Friday but said that she still feels like she should audition, adding a not-so-subtle promo to her YouTube channel.

“Yesss, I dooo! Go go go!” she wrote along with “Todo na ‘to! (To the highest level),” another one of her catchphrases.

People are now hoping for Quinto to release a link to her own recording.

Facebook user Daniellah Alyson tagged a friend and wrote in Filipino: “When the link gets released, activate it quickly.”

AJ Aguilar said she needed it.

Ivan Marasigan said it was the “blessing we never knew we needed.”

Would you make Quinto your Waze navigation voice? Leave a comment below or tweet us @CoconutsManila.

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