THE MISSION: Drive survivors arriving at VILLAMOR AIRBASE to the homes of their Manila-based families or to bus terminals.

They’ve been through a lot. If you can bring even just one family to the only home they have now, it would matter a lot. If you have money to spare, buy them lunch or dinner.

They did that today. Less than 10 volunteers. They need more.

First flight arrives at approximately 9am. A plane arrives every 2 hours until 10 in the evening.

Go to the DSWD desk at the Grandstand of the Villamor Airbase. Inform them that you want to help transport the survivors to whereever they need to be in Metro Manila. DSWD contact: 0906 468 0287 (Glenda Derla) . Tomorrow, November 15, they will volunteer again and just do their regular jobs at night or this weekend. Please message my bestfriend, Golda Benjamin, directly if you’re going.

Many arrived with tattered sacks that contained remnants of their lives.Some only had one number of a family member in Manila- often their last chance of survival after the storm. A boy, just 17 years old, took half an hour trying to remember the number of his sister.

The stories were painful repetitions: they stood in line for days, hoping to get on the plane. No tents to shield their young children, even until today. No one distributing relief goods that they could see from where they were standing. A 7-month old baby surviving on water with sugar. 2-3 hour walks from their homes to the airport. Not knowing if the planes were leaving for Cebu or Manila but most didn’t care. They just wanted to get out.

Many have families waiting for them. Some know where to go but don’t have money to get there. Those they could no longer fit in their tiny car, they gave their own personal money for as long as they knew where and how to get to their families here in Metro Manila. All of them, despite what they’ve been through, didn’t forget to say “Thank you”.


  • Family of four to Makati.
  • Family of 6 to Calamba, Laguna.
  • 2 sisters to National Kidney Institute.
  • 1 17 year old boy to Bulacan.
  • Family of 4 to Novaliches.

We can do more. Please volunteer. Please tell your bosses to volunteer their cars for the day. Please tell your congressmen and senators to do the same. Please tell all the mayors in Metro Manila to send government vehicles. Spread the word.

Metro Manila is not the easiest landing place for people. Imagine how much a free ride can do for a penniless family with nothing left but a tattered sack filled with muddied clothes, their fears, and yes, their gratitude that they are alive.

Para sa bayan. Bangon Pilipinas!

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  1. I reposted this on facebook, and a friend told me that I would not be able to do it. Has it changed? I want to go tomorrow, Sunday, 11/17. Please inform

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