Viral video shows jeepney driver stopping traffic to save kitten [VIDEO]

Photo: Kristian Nabus/FB

We don’t get a lot of traffic stories that end on a happy note, readers — but, today, here’s something pawsitive.

Facebook user Kristian Nabus shared yesterday a now-viral video of a jeepney driver who stopped traffic in Quezon City in order to save a small kitten from getting run over by oncoming cars.

Nabus told Coconuts Manila that the incident happened along Quezon Ave., Quezon City around 9am yesterday morning. In the video, the jeepney driver can be seen suddenly stopping his vehicle, which was loaded with a handful of passengers, in the middle of the road.

The footage then shows the jeepney driver hustling his way through lanes of busy traffic in an attempt to reach the cat. One taxi drives right past the kitten, but our jeepney driving hero stops another oncoming taxi from moving forward, picks up the feline, and takes it away from the dangerous spot.

Nabus then asked the jeepney driver to give him the cat, and he did. The last scene of the video shows Nabus giving the camera a close-up of the small orange kitten, petting it a bit, then riding off.

“I was worried when he put the kitten at the middle so I asked the guy to give it to me,” he said. “At least he did his best to save the kitten.”

Nabus told Coconuts that he estimates the kitten to be about two to three weeks old. When asked where he brought the cat, he says that it went with him to the office that day: “We have a bunch of cats here in my workplace so the kitten can join and enjoy his life with the other cats.”

Nabus added that he just wanted the cat to live a good life. He said: “I know so many places where cats littering (sic) in dangerous roads. Sometimes or every day they are dying with their blood splattering in the middle of the road and it just hurts my heart so bad.”

Since yesterday, the video has garnered over 81,000 views, 1,100 likes, and 600 shares as of this article’s posting. Netizens gushed over the incident:

Buchi Romero wrote: “Thanks to the jeepney driver. Because of him, you caught the attention [of Nabus]. Kitty will have a good family!”


Photo: Kristian Nabus/FB
Photo: Kristian Nabus/FB


Allan C. Carbonell said: “GOD BLESS YOU 100X and beyond.”


Photo: Kristian Nabus/FB
Photo: Kristian Nabus/FB


MC Sarmiento Sinlao shared: “I hope all riders are like them. God will surely bless your heart.”


Photo: Kristian Nabus/FBPhoto: Kristian Nabus/FB


The kitten was named Aerox, and is now living with Nabus’ cat-loving friend. A happy ending indeed.

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