Viral: A new modus operandi on EDSA

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Motorists, beware. This happened on broad day light, for crying out loud.

Facebook user Dustin Carreon posted a public status update on the social media site about an experience he had on EDSA at 2pm on Easter Sunday.

He was driving northbound near Guadalupe when someone threw a liquid compound, stored in a plastic bag, from the footbridge near Sogo Hotel. It landed on his windshield.

“I didn’t turn on my wipers thinking it might spread, block my entire vision, and force me to stop,” he wrote. If he had stopped, he suspects he’d be the victim of carnapping or robbery.

A most fortunate decision, because with some vision left, he went straight to a Petron gas station near Shaw Boulevard, where a gas boy told him the liquid compound was difficult to remove because of its consistency.

Why anyone would throw a liquid compound on a major highway beats us. But such mischief isn’t new to EDSA. A few years ago, people were randomly throwing rocks and cement slabs.

In any case, should this happen again, the most important thing to do is to not go down your car and to not turn on your wipers. Instead, slow down but keep going, and head for the nearest gas station you can find.

Photo: Scandi/Wiki

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