Take it off!: Duterte aide Bong Go shows tattoo-less back to disprove alleged links to illegal drug trade

Bong Go stripping naked to show that he doesn’t have a dragon tattoo. Photo: Screenshot from Dharel Placido (@dgplacido), ABS-CBN News
Bong Go stripping naked to show that he doesn’t have a dragon tattoo. Photo: Screenshot from Dharel Placido (@dgplacido), ABS-CBN News

He did it, he really did it.

In other (weird political) news, members of the press only saw pimples, moles, and stretch marks on the back of senatorial candidate Christopher “Bong” Go today after he took his shirt off to prove that he does not have a dragon tattoo.

This disproves at least one claim in a viral video that says the former special assistant to the president has a dragon tattoo on his back, allegedly a symbol that he is a member of a drug syndicate.

“Pimples, moles, stretchmark skin, and excess body fat only. I also do ventosa (cupping therapy). That’s clear, with the marks there,” Go said in a mix of English and Filipino at a press conference in Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur province, local tabloid Abante wrote.

He exposed his back to the press to quash allegations of him being a leader in a drug syndicate.

“I’ll show you all,” Go said in Filipino before taking off his white campaign shirt to prove that there was no dragon tattoo on his back, CNN Philippines reported.

People in the room laughed when someone pointed out that Go only had ventosa marks on his back,  GMA News reported. He then covered up with a red shirt.

Go did this after he said earlier today that he was willing to strip his clothes off to prove his point.

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Go was reacting to a controversial YouTube video series called Ang Totoong Narco List (The Real Narco List) which claims to reveal information that prove the alleged drug links of prominent figures in Duterte’s administration. The series features an anonymous man who claims to be a former member of a drug syndicate.

The video’s third and latest episode alleges that Go has a dragon tattoo on his back with the alphanumeric code “COATLIBRA-0018,” his alleged codename.

According to the video, he also allegedly uses the codename “TESOROGOLF-TSG002” and has four rural bank accounts that allegedly transfer funds to his international accounts.

Go reiterated today that the video was black propaganda against him and the Duterte administration. He said the supposed ex-drug syndicate member will get bad karma one day.

“Why don’t you reveal yourself? I know you are one of the drug lords affected by the President’s campaign against drugs,” he was quoted saying today by ABS-CBN News. “Your day will come.”

Go said that he revealed his back because “the public has called for it and because I’m a senatorial candidate.”

However, he said that he doesn’t advise former Davao City vice mayor and First Son Paolo “Polong” Duterte to show his back to quell allegations against him, the GMA News report added.

“It is Polong’s right not to show his tattoo,” Go said.

The YouTube channel’s first episode alleged that Paolo has a dragon tattoo linking him to the illegal drug trade, which Paolo, as well as the president’s camp, has denied.

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