Sweet or Creepy? Self-confessed scammer Xian Gaza offers car to teen ‘crush’

Yuki Takahashi and Xian Gaza. Photo: Takashi/TikTok; Gaza/FB
Yuki Takahashi and Xian Gaza. Photo: Takashi/TikTok; Gaza/FB

Xian Gaza just doesn’t know when to quit.

The self-confessed scammer is at it again, and this time, he’s after a TikTok star named Yuki Takahashi. He called the 19-year-old his “one and only crush” in a post that appeared earlier this week, and he even offered her a maroon car as proof of his (unwelcome?) affection.

Gaza wrote a lengthy online post where he offered the car to the teenager (yes, a teen!) as a belated birthday gift, and assured Takahashi that he was doing so out of “pure feelings.”

“I just want to give this to you because I noticed in all your TikTok videos that you don’t have a car,” he wrote in English and Filipino.

“I assumed that you don’t drive your own car so I thought that this would be really useful for you as a rising social media star. It just so happens that this [car’s] value is just equal to me buying a birthday cake because of my financial capacity at the moment,” Gaza, the humblebrag, said.

Gaza assured Takahashi that all he wants is to be her “virtual friend…nothing more, nothing less.”

“When I stalked your TikTok account and watched your videos for the very first time, it gave me a weird type of happiness, like I was a fanboy who was crazy over an actress. I felt that kind of giddiness,” he said in his post, which has been shared almost 2,500 times since it appeared.

Gaza first gained notoriety in 2017 when he asked actress Erich Gonzalez out on a date using a billboard. His infamy increased when he was convicted in 2018 for violating the country’s Bouncing Check Law, but he managed to flee the Philippines a year later despite having three arrest warrants to his name.

As of writing, Takahashi has yet to respond to his offer. Smart girl.


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