Suspicious ‘fashion accessories’ shipment turns out to be almost 5kg of shark teeth

When a package marked “plastic components for fashion accessories” coming in through Mactan Port last week went through the usual Customs processes, something looked off to the X-Ray Inspection Team.

And so when it was pulled off the line for further verification on August 31, customs examiners found that it was really a whole bag of shark teeth.

The shipment did not had an import permit from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, said the Bureau of Customs in a press release. The shipment was seized, and “will be disposed of in accordance with existing customs laws and regulations after undergoing seizure and forfeiture proceedings,” said the BOC.

Customs officers at the Subport of Mactan holding a whole mess o' sharks' teeth (
Customs officers at the Subport of Mactan holding a whole mess o’ sharks’ teeth (

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