Seized gamecocks from Valenzuela City derby cooked into adobo by pissed city mayor

Just cooking up some adobo <i>Photo: Rex Gatchalian / Twiter </i>
Just cooking up some adobo Photo: Rex Gatchalian / Twiter

Winner, winner, chicken dinner?

Valenzuela City Mayor Rex Gatchalian ordered to have some cocks (stop snickering!) cooked on Sunday after they were seized from an illegal cockfighting derby in the village of Karuhatan.

About a dozen suspects were arrested on that same day after they were caught violating lockdown rules by gathering en masse for the illegal derby (also cockfighting isn’t really an essential activity, is it?). The arrested suspects will be charged for violating the rules of the enhanced community quarantine and for illegal cockfighting.

Gatchalian taunted the bull-headed violators in a series of tweets, where he also included photos of the seized fowls, cash bets, and cockfighting paraphernalia that were stored inside the Valenzuela City police station.

The chickens were culled later that night to be cooked, because the 46-year-old mayor said nothing should “go to waste.” He then asked his followers in Filipino, “What do you think it will be? Tinola or Adobo?”

Both the green-papaya laden soup broth and soy sauce glazed dish are Filipino staples that traditionally feature chicken as its main ingredient.

Later that night, he posted a photo of the chicken being “softened up” for cooking.

Gatchalian posted a video in a follow-up tweet, which showed the adobo being cooked. “So anyone else who wants to organize cockfights, I’ll make sure you’ll be apprehended, arrested, and that your pets will be cooked into adobo. So I suggest don’t even try it again,” he warned.


Netizens on Twitter (no doubt chicken eaters themselves) poked fun at the gamecocks’ owners but also said they feel sorry for the chickens. Some offered up cooking advice by saying gamecocks are a “tougher” type of meat that needs “pressure cooking.”

Oh well, it’s a dark day for gamecock owners.

As for the rest of Gatchalian’s constituents, bon appetit?


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