Pungent odor thought to be from murder victim turns out to be from rotten eggs

Photo via Pexels.

Residents of Barangay Obrero in Butuan City were alarmed when they detected a pungent odor coming from an abandoned room in a boarding house.

According to the report of GMA News’ Unang Balita on Friday, the residents thought the smell was coming from a “chop-chop” victim, a colloquial term for murder victims that have been chopped into pieces.

The fact that Filipinos have a term for it is telling of how often this happens; there’s even a movie about one of the cases.

The owner of the boarding house told Unang Balita that the room’s Filipina tenant Arnadette Pepito and her Korean live-in partner have been missing for months.

Suspecting a gory murder, authorities inspected the room, but all they found were rotten eggs that caused the odor.

Residents were concerned about the smell because only a few days have passed since parts of a body were found in the nearby city of Bayugan.

The police of Bayugan in Agusan del Sur and Butuan City Police Station 2 have joined forces to find other parts of the body to identify the chop-chop victim, radio station Bomboradyo reported.

Meanwhile, Pepito’s mother is still concerned about her whereabouts. Authorities are still looking for her and her live-in partner.

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