Really? Duterte volunteers to take part in Russia’s COVID-19 vax trials

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President Rodrigo Duterte — if he isn’t joking this time around — said last night in a publicly broadcast speech that he would gladly participate in Russia’s clinical trials for an experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

Duterte said that he was “delighted” that Russian President Vladimir Putin is handing out the unapproved vaccines to the Philippines for free.

“[T]hey didn’t say ‘pay for this.’ I think this is President Putin’s way of helping us; it’s free. So we are accepting it, and we will talk [about] how much of the supply we need,” Duterte said in English and Filipino.

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However, the vaccines have yet to clear local clinical trials. The experimental vaccine will be used on a small group of Filipino volunteers to test their safety and effectiveness.

“You will be given the vaccine and [we will look at] the reaction of your body if it will accept it or not…Me, when the virus comes, so that there will be no complaints [from critics], I will have it injected to me in [front of the] public,” the president said.

“I will be the first to be experimented on, that is OK by me…If it will work on me, it will work on everyone,” Duterte assured.

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In his State of the Nation Address delivered last month, Duterte said that he had asked Chinese President Xi Jinping (also a good friend of his) to supply COVID-19 vaccines to the Philippines once it becomes available.

Meanwhile, the Russian health minister has announced plans to register the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine within the week. This, despite the scientific community expressing skepticism and safety concerns on the speed of the vaccine’s production, with a vaccine maker saying that it typically takes 10 years or longer to develop and test for safety and effectivity.







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