Pinoys curse at Duterte for chiding medical workers while asking Robredo to lead COVID response

<i>Photo: Leni Robredo / FB, Screengrab via RTVM</i>
Photo: Leni Robredo / FB, Screengrab via RTVM

Filipinos today took to social media to call out President Rodrigo Duterte for lambasting the country’s medical professionals, voicing their feelings using the hashtags #OustDuterte, #T*NGINAMODUTERTE (“F**k you, Duterte”), and #LetLeniLead.

Not subtle, folks.

The chief executive announced the reimposition of the modified enhanced community quarantine over Metro Manila and other areas last night, after exhausted healthcare workers asked for a “time out” and pleaded with the government to come up with a better strategy in handling the pandemic. While initially appearing to be understanding of their plight, the president’s mood abruptly shifted during his speech and Duterte accused the workers of not doing anything in the face of the pandemic and planning to revolt against his government.

Filipinos online did not take kindly to the president’s diatribe against the healthcare workers. An enraged @cosmomiyas wrote, “[H]e really admits that he cannot help his people anymore and…that there are no more funds anymore so where are all those millions which you loaned?”

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Meanwhile, @FranceRie called Duterte’s administration “incompetent,” and called out the chief executive for failing to efficiently use the billions of loans it borrowed from different institutions including a US$750 million loan granted by the Beijing-based Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

Duterte said last night he could no longer impose the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in Metro Manila because the government has ran out of funds.

“No money for food if [placed under] ECQ? Where’s the money you borrowed from other countries?” She added.

While @brioviii wrote, “Duterte can’t acknowledge the fact that the police can’t do much about this pandemic. The health workers need to be heard too. If their plea is ECQ, then you should be able to give them ECQ.”


Someone using the handle @milkugh posted this photo to show how Pinoys have felt after listening to “[D]uterte every single day.”


Meanwhile, Filipinos lauded Vice President Leni Robredo for her apparent efficient response to the pandemic.

Robredo’s office has offered free transportation to frontliners, and has recently provided hot meals for hundreds of stranded Filipinos at the Rizal Stadium. Last month, her office also submitted an 8-page letter addressed to Duterte’s COVID-19 task force suggesting ways to improve the pandemic response, which covers everything from distance-learning schemes, budget utilization, and setting weekly task force targets.

Someone named @engrmarkii joined calls for #LetLeniLead, praising the vice president’s “quick and concrete response.”

All funny memes aside, Pinoys have been growing impatient of Duterte’s lack of clear plan to curb the spread of the virus. Many have said that he prefers to run after his perceived enemies while obsessing over controversial measures like the Anti-Terror Law, instead of focusing on the pandemic. In addition, the government has been called out for allegedly purchasing overpriced test kits and medical gear, leading the Senate to call for a special audit of COVID-19 funds.

Referring to Robredo, @JedMabilog to write, “It’s funny how someone with limited resources…managed to do more help and provide concrete plans within this pandemic. [She] didn’t need to borrow money either.”


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