Police raid Makati bar for alleged drugs, foreign and local customers apprehended 

Photo: Pixabay

It wasn’t a good night out on Saturday for at least 100 foreigners and locals partying at Makati’s Time Bar as they were apprehended by police who found alleged party drugs on the site.

According to The Philippine Star, at least 57 foreigners and 66 Filipinos were rounded up by authorities and brought to the police station for questioning. However, they were later on released.

Police held the buy-bust operation after getting word that illegal drugs were allegedly being sold in the bar.

Found on site were 19 ecstasy capsules worth PHP142, 500 (US$2,671.08), 18 sachets of cocaine worth PHP1.575 million (US$29,522.46), kush marijuana worth PHP100 (US$1.87), and drug paraphernalia.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer also reported that there was a .38-caliber revolver, five rounds of ammunition, and buy-bust money worth PHP22,500 (US$421.79) recovered from the bar.

Apart from the more than 100 customers apprehended by the police, the bar’s owner and 31 his employees were arrested for allegedly supplying and distributing the drugs.

They have been charged for violating the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act.

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