Pinoys’ foreign spouses and children to be allowed entry into PH starting Dec. 7

Photo: Suhyeon Choi/Unsplash
Photo: Suhyeon Choi/Unsplash

Starting Dec. 7, Filipinos’ foreign spouses and children, regardless of age, will be allowed to enter the Philippines, a memo from the government’s anti-coronavirus task force said today.

The spouses and children should be traveling with their Filipino family members to be allowed entry. Former Filipino citizens, along with their spouses and children, will also be allowed to come to the Philippines if they travel together.

However, there’s are a few conditions to be met: these travelers should have pre-booked a quarantine facility and a coronavirus test. They will also be subject to the “maximum capacity of inbound passengers at the port and date of entry,” the memo said.

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Early this week, the Bureau of Immigration announced that foreign investors had been allowed to enter the Philippines. However, the bureau added that it is witnessing a mass exodus of foreign nationals from the country. Most of those who have left are Korean nationals, 400,000 have gone; Americans and Chinese with about 300,000 departures each; and the Japanese with at least 166,000 exits.

Foreign tourists are still barred from entering the country, which could prove detrimental to the tourism industry’s recovery. At one point, tourism contributed about 13% of the Philippines’ gross domestic product, and travel restrictions aimed at controlling the coronavirus’s spread have led to millions of workers losing their jobs.


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