Opposition Senator Trillanes tells Duterte to take drug test following marijuana joke

Photo: George Calvelo, ABS-CBN News

This is one intense game of truth or dare.

In a statement given to reporters today, opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV once again challenged Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to take a drug test to prove that he was indeed joking about using marijuana.

“Too late! He’s been busted for also using drugs. Now if he really wants to clear himself, I am again calling on him to take a drug test,” Trillanes said in Filipino, as quoted in reports.

Duterte said in a speech on Monday that he uses marijuana to stay awake and help him keep up with a tight schedule. He said this as his administration continues with its controversial drug war that has killed thousands.

While Duterte has always considered legalizing medical marijuana, the drug is still illegal in the Philippines and those caught using or dealing it are still arrested.

The president quickly took back what he said and claimed that it was a joke, but people weren’t laughing.

Instead, many were angered by what Duterte said, including Trillanes who isn’t convinced the president was just joking.

“Duterte is desperately trying to contain the damage of his admission about marijuana use by saying it is just a joke,” Trillanes said, as quoted by The Philippine Daily Inquirer.

This isn’t the first time Trillanes dared Duterte to take a drug test.

In August, he challenged Duterte and his family to undergo one.

Trillanes is a critic of the president and was arrested in September for his 2007 coup attempt against former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo after Duterte declared his amnesty void.

The senator has alleged that the president’s son Paolo Duterte had links to the illegal drug trade.

“When will the Dutertes undergo a drug test?” Trillanes said in a tweet accompanied by a photo of a document showing that he tested negative for illegal drugs.

Duterte’s then spokesperson Harry Roque got salty with his response to the senator and said that president does not take orders from anyone, ABS-CBN News reported.

“I don’t know what should be the response to Senator Trillanes because he has said many things that I ignore and the Palace ignores,” Roque said in Filipino.

He added: “The President was elected by the people. If he wants to take a drug test, he will do that, but he will not take commands from anyone.”

Why not, Mr. President? What have you got to hide?

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