No take backs? Booze ban reinstated in Iloilo City one day after it was lifted

Film grab from 2003’s ‘Old School’ <i>Photo for illustration purposes only via Dreamworks</i>
Film grab from 2003’s ‘Old School’ Photo for illustration purposes only via Dreamworks

Mayor Jerry Treñas today reinstated the liquor ban over Iloilo City a day after he lifted it, citing reports that a number of people were allegedly having way too much fun with it.

Treñas said the Philippine National Police (PNP) had better things to do with their time than go after his drunken constituents, and that he had been advised that lifting the booze ban wasn’t a good idea.

“In view of the various incidents due to intoxicated persons, in view of the many other important activities undertaken by our security personnel and upon the advice coming from various sectors, I am reimposing the ban on the selling of alcoholic drinks effective immediately until further notice,” Treñas announced on his Facebook page, where he also attached a copy of an executive order which reimposed the booze ban.

“The PNP and PSTMO [Public Safety and Transportation Management Office] are hereby authorize[d] to immediately make sure that this ban is effectively complied with,” he added.

The mayor has also instructed his constituents to comply with the new order.

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The Iloilo City mayor ordered a relaxed measure yesterday that allowed the sale of alcohol, on the condition that social distancing measures are observed, and drinking in public remains prohibited. Booze was first banned in the city when lockdown was imposed. Though not part of Luzon, Iloilo City has been on lockdown since March 20, and is expected to end on April 30. As of yesterday, the city has 53 confirmed cases, including seven deaths and eight recoveries.

Alcohol has been banned in different parts of the country because many local governments believe that intoxicated residents will not practice social distancing. This has prompted some residents to resort to desperate measures, including concocting their own homemade alcohol, which when ingested could be lethal.



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