News anchor Mike Enriquez trends on PH Twitter for voicing people’s election frustrations on live TV

Photo: GMA News website
Photo: GMA News website

This news anchor has had enough of politicians’ empty promises.

Veteran TV news anchor Mike Enriquez is now the top trending topic on Philippine Twitter after several videos of him voicing out some Filipinos’ frustrations over yesterday’s midterm elections went viral on the social media platform.

A lot of netizens are fuming over the election results, where many of Duterte’s allies have won seats in the Senate. Some critics have even alleged that the elections were rigged.

“What are the candidates who won in the polls going to do to better the plight of the country?” Enriquez shouted in Filipino during his rant in GMA Network’s elections coverage today.

He continued to say that he wants to interview those who are likely to win and ask, “What can we expect from you now?”

One of his co-newscasters tried to calm him down but Enriquez continued.

“We should know [what to expect from candidates] starting now so that while their term progresses, we can check what they’re doing versus what they promise,” he said. 

“They all made a promise. If at least half of what they promise comes true — even just the half — well, what a beautiful place the Philippines would be.”

“There is still no real, deep reform or change that we can expect. Same, same,” he said in another clip.

As of posting time, Twitter had over 44,500 tweets with the search term “Mike Enriquez.” Many netizens agreed with his sentiments.

Twitter user @adorablevice said in all caps: “MIKE ENRIQUEZ HAS NO FUCKING CHILL”

That he doesn’t.

@gelibee19 said: “Mike Enriquez gave us the hottest tea today!!!!”

@iamjeddee said: “MIKE ENRIQUEZ IS NOT HAVING IT. HE SNAPPEDT! He’s chanelling the Filipino voter who is sick and tired of all this bullshit results.”

@willsthoughtss said: “[S]tan mike enriquez and the rest of gma news team. this is what fearless broadcast looks like!”

@vvavaan said: “[N]othing but respect to (sic) my president mike enriquez”

One netizen by the Twitter handle @JanusNovio said: “Mike Enriquez went on an election rant today that GMA had to immediately call a commercial break cos he was just too frustrated at the results. Neither [co-anchors] Jessica Soho nor Mel Tiangco could calm him down at the table.”


@MrFrankBaraan said: “This is is a man who will not sit idly by while those elected (under suspicious circumstances) break every campaign promise they made. Sorry, this man will keep reminding you until you deliver on every single promise you made. Mike Enriquez, we salute you. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.”

“Have so much respect for Sir Mike Enriquez. A very dedicated person on his craft. What sets him apart from the other news anchors is his Authenticity,” said @whoonepablo.

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One thought on “News anchor Mike Enriquez trends on PH Twitter for voicing people’s election frustrations on live TV

  1. To answer your question Mike….politicians are going to do little, or nothing, to improve the lives of those who they are supposed to represent.


    Because they are only concerned about themselves. I mean, who spends tens of millions of pesos to get elected to a job that pays P117,086 to P262,844 per month?

    They are using the position to get their sticky fingers on pork barrel money that they can divert to the businesses of family and friends or to create ghost programs and projects that will add millions to their personal bank accounts.

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