Administration critics share frustration over PH 2019 election in memes, sarcastic tweets

Photo: @ferventari/Twitter.
Photo: @ferventari/Twitter.

Partial results of yesterday’s midterm elections are in, showing that the Philippine Senate will likely be filled with allies of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Administration critics, who remain a minority in the Philippines, are now airing out their frustrations at everyone’s favorite place to rant — social media.

The internet is now filled with memes, sarcastic posts, and short essays, including one from Filipino comedian Ethel Booba who likened the elections to Game of Throne‘s underwhelming last season.

“If you think #GameofThrones is ending poorly, wait until you see the result of Philippine Election 2019. Charot (kidding),” she tweeted.

Others also shared memes featuring scenes from Game of Thrones, including this one shared by Reddit user care_con_14.

Photo: care_con_14/Reddit.
Photo: care_con_14/Reddit.

Netizens also took to social media to share funny-yet-sad memes that express how they feel about the results. @zypherdurdur shared a video of a kid screaming and saying “idiots!”

@jseeeb, on the other hand, commented on how many Filipinos chose controversial politician Bong Revilla over candidates who could actually help improve the country.

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@ferventari shared the fear she felt after seeing the unofficial election results through the Ralph in Danger meme where a character from The Simpsons laughs before declaring that he’s in danger.

Feeling frustrated over yesterday’s elections, @doublestufjm said that he now wants to “change teams.”

Google searches for the word “migrate” and “migrating” reportedly surged last night after the polls closed and initial results were released.

However, some netizens have noted that migrating would prove to be worse for the Philippines.

“I’m seeing so many tweets going ‘Hate the results. Leaving this country.’ NO. You stay. And help fix this. This is greater than you. There are more pinned down than you. If not, learn what you can from outside & bring it back here. Do not run away. Nothing happens when you do,” @_marthmallow said.

@MALVSIII, on the other hand, spoke out against those who blame the poor for voting for corrupt officials.

“Philippine elections: where the poor are the easy target for the blame — for the middle/upper classes’ failure/refusal to take responsibility for steering the country in the right direction.”

@iskolarspeaks talked about how “good” candidates seemed to have been overlooked.

“What makes this more devastating is the fact that we were presented with good candidates. Candidates who will never compromise their principles and will put our country and its people first.”

Some netizens, on the other hand, alleged that cheating occurred during the elections. In fact, the hashtag #HalalanDayaan 2019, which translates to “Election Cheating 2019” was the number one trending topic on Philippine Twitter as of posting time.

“It’s raining, our heroes in heaven are crying, disappointed with 2019 election results #HalalanDayaan2019,” @notsorre said.

“Today is a sad day for every Filipino who dreamt of having a better place to live in. But we will not succumb to this injustice. We will continue to rise until our voices are heard. #HalalanDayaan2019,” tweeted @balalahsharah. 

#HalalanDayaan2019 started to trend early this morning after the public was kept in the dark about election results for seven hours.

The Commission on Elections sent the first set of unofficial results to the media, watchdogs, and political parties at around 6:15pm last night. These results only represented 0.4 percent of precincts nationwide. The next set of unofficial results arrived after seven hours and already represented 90.57 percent of precincts. This huge gap led many to think that the election could have been rigged.

What do you think of the Philippine 2019 midterm elections? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @CoconutsManila.

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