Netflix shows what Filipino Christmas icon Jose Mari Chan does after the holiday

Photo: Netflix Philippines/FB
Photo: Netflix Philippines/FB

Filipino singer and Christmas icon Jose Mari Chan is all over the Philippines every Christmas season but what does he do when the holiday is all over?

A video released by streaming giant Netflix yesterday humorously shows what keeps him busy during the offseason. It being a Netflix ad and all, the singer is seen binge watching at home like the rest of us.

At the start of the video, Chan can be seen playing his famous song Chrismas in Our Hearts at home on Dec. 26.

Then, the song Hey Barbara by Filipino band IV of Spades is played in the background while Chan dresses up in a maroon robe with the letters “BRB” embroidered at the back.

He then watches some Netflix shows like sci-fi thriller series Stranger Things and the rom-com movie To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. 

Another part of the video shows him wearing a very millennial uniform — Fila Disruptors and a fanny pack.

He also does the viral “Floss dance” aka the dance of backpack kid (Russell Horning).

Have no idea what this we’re talking about? Here’s how the dance looks:

By the end of the Netflix video, Chan can be seen counting down to September, a reference to how the Filipino Christmas season starts in September.

The video had over 462,000 views, 24,000 likes, and 8,000 shares as of this article’s posting, and netizens loved it.

Facebook user Sabb Palmer wrote: “This is so far the best thing you posted netflix ph!”

Dro Santiago joked in Filipino: “I thought it was Christmas all-year round in their home.”

Stella Rodriguez wrote: “He’s the lolo (grandpa) I never had. [If] he were, I would also spend time with him even after Christmas!”

Lei Lianelyn Anglo noticed that Chan was alone.

One netizen shared a screenshot of Chan’s wardrobe showing that he had a Southside Serpents leather jacket from the show Riverdale. “Why does he have this jacket?!” asked Jeremiah Quilla.

If y’all are wondering why Chan is so big in the Philippines, it’s because he is behind the biggest-selling local album of all timeChristmas in Our Hearts.

It features several original singles and reinterpretations of Christmas classics that are played all over the Philippines during the holidays.

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