Navotas residents steal pigs left dead in road accident

File photo of pigs. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
File photo of pigs. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Several residents of Navotas were seen scampering about and taking the pigs that died from a road accident, the local media reported today.

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A truck, which had 160 pigs, turned on its side while traversing the city’s Road 10. Some pigs survived the accident, and they were quickly brought to a slaughterhouse. However, about 40 pigs were left on the road, and while one person was looking after them, he was unable to stop the residents from stealing them. Some of the residents even slaughtered the pigs right on the road, reported the news program Unang Balita.

Some veterinarians cautioned the residents against eating the pigs, saying that they should have been checked by a meat inspector first before they are slaughtered.

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