MMDA looking for driver who forcibly evaded traffic ticket

Photo: Screenshot via Sandy Bilan Facebook page
Photo: Screenshot via Sandy Bilan Facebook page

Gotta own up to your mistakes, girl.

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is now looking for the driver who went viral on social media for forcibly evading a traffic violation ticket in North East Greenhills, San Juan City.

Traffic Constable 3 Sandy Bilan posted the now-viral video yesterday showing the woman who forced her way out of a traffic ticket. He said the incident happened on Oct. 19 (Friday) when he was apprehending the woman for illegal parking.

“These drivers shouldn’t even be given licenses, or their licenses should be confiscated,” he said in Filipino.

The video shows the woman in a black Toyota Camry trying to get past the traffic enforcers apprehending her. Some enforcers stood in front of the sedan to stop the woman, but the driver accelerated the car slowly and bumped the officers to get out of her way.

“Let her hit you, it’s on video,” Bilan tells a fellow enforcer in Filipino.

Bilan told Coconuts Manila that the woman’s car was parked at a Mabuhay Lane which has a strict no parking policy.

There are 17 Mabuhay Lanes around the metro which are express routes connected to the main thoroughfare EDSA or roads that lead to shopping hubs as well as commercial districts.

Bilan told Coconuts that when he called the woman out about the violation, she allegedly lowered her car window and simply said, “No, I’m leaving now.”

At some point, the enforcers even asked the help of a truck to block the sedan’s way. Despite the efforts of the enforcers from stopping the woman, the driver still escaped and drove away.

MMDA spokesperson Celina Pialago told Radyo Inquirer that they have already reported the female driver to the Land Transportation Office (LTO). She also recommended to cancel or suspend the woman’s driver’s license.

Manila Bulletin also reported that the unidentified driver will be facing violations such as illegal parking, obstruction, direct assault, reckless driving, arrogant driving, and disobedience to a person in authority.

Upon checking the sedan’s plate number, Pialago said on GMA News’ 24 Oras that the car is a company-registered vehicle.

Netizens weighed in on the video, now with over 1 million views and 13,000 shares.

Facebook user Maria Sofia Silao wrote in Filipino: “[She has] money, but no discipline.”

Felix Amago Javier said the woman should’ve just talked it out with the enforcers. “Now look what happened, she’ll have a lot more violations to face.”

Lou Emmanuel Milla Esta added: “I’m guessing that woman doesn’t have a license.”

“Let these drivers try that in USA, for sure their car windows will get smashed,” wrote Ramtrebor Azeir.

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