Look Who’s Back: Basel Manadil unboxes a ton of gifts after public ‘breakup’ with Abeoji

Basel Manadil. Screenshot from Manadil’s video
Basel Manadil. Screenshot from Manadil’s video

After a very public breakup with former friend Sam Hyun Chang (AKA Abeoji), Basel Manadil has gone back to vlogging yesterday, expressing his gratitude to fans who have supported him throughout the drama.

In the video, Manadil opens a ton of gifts sent by admirers, ranging from artwork to chocolates. Some of the gifts were sent from as far as Hawaii and California.

Nicknamed The Syrian Wanderer, Manadil never mentioned Chang’s name, but simply talked about a person named “sh*t.” He promised that he will address the controversy with his former friend in succeeding videos.

“Let’s not talk about sh*t. Because sh*t deserves to be flushed in the toilet and there is no sh*t here,” the Syrian entrepreneur said.

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Before opening his gifts, Manadil said he was “touched” by his fans’ gesture.

“I’m overwhelmed. I’ve never expected this. I have never seen this coming. But I’m overwhelmed with the support…I’m really touched and I really feel so emotional as of now,” he said.

“We really appreciate your kindness, your efforts, the support, your efforts that everybody did,” he added. “I really appreciate your arts, the drawings, the gifts you sent me. The snacks, the nuts, I really appreciate it.”

Manadil, one of the Philippines’ most successful vloggers, had accused Chang of betrayal. The Korean allegedly complained that he was not getting paid for appearing on Manadil’s vlogs. The Syrian was also slighted when Chang starred in a vlog created by a Filipino named Bobby, where Manadil was accused of neglecting the elderly Korean.

However, Manadil said that he had given gifts to Chang and helped the latter run his noodle business. He said he had also renovated the Korean’s house for free.

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