Katipunan Museum opens in San Juan

If you’ve always wondered what life was like for the “Katipuneros”, the band of revolutionaries founded by Andres Bonifacio, here’s an opportunity to gain valuable insight. The Museo ng Katipunan, or Katipunan Museum, formally opened its doors in San Juan City on Tuesday morning. It was built to showcase the contributions of the members of the Kataastaasang Kagalang-galang na Katipunan ng mga Anak ng bayan (KKK). The group was founded in 1892 as a movement against the Spaniards.

The Museum was built at a former Spanish depot site called “El Deposito” and features relics of weapons, dioramas, amulets used by the Katipuneros. It also houses some commissioned art pieces by young artist from Pancho Piano. So why San Juan and not Intramuros, Manila?  National Historical Commission of the Philippines’ executive director Ludovico Badoy said the Katipuneros organized their first raid at the Spanish weapons and ammo dump located in San Juan. Atty. Gregorio Bonifacio, a fourth generation blood relative of the Katipunan founder, said the museum is a fitting memorial for the KKK.

Katipunan Museum, 29 Corazon de Jesus St, Pinaglabanan, San Juan City; www.nhcp.gov.ph; +63 2 3855896. Tue-Sun 8am-4pm. Free entrance.

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Photo: Katipunan Museum

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