Jeepney driver allegedly masturbates in burger joint, hits 2 vehicles as he drives away from authorities

Photo from @DZMMTeleRadyo Twitter.

Just when you worried you might make it through your Monday without being reminded of just how gross some men can be, here we are with another public masturbating story.

A jeepney driver has been arrested after allegedly “playing with his penis” inside a burger joint in Quezon City.

According to a report by ABS-CBN News earlier today, an unsuspecting woman was standing in the restaurant when the driver stood in front of her and started touching himself.

The woman was startled and didn’t know how to react — probably lost her appetite too — but was eventually able to tell her husband about what happened.

The couple then reported the incident to barangay (village) officials and asked people in the area to help them catch the driver-cum-flasher (pun intended) who had run away from the scene in his jeepney.

Karma was at work though, because authorities eventually caught up with him when the jeepney ran over some plastic barriers enclosing an MRT-7 station that was under construction before hitting a van and a bus on Commonwealth Ave.

Incidents like this are shocking but not exactly uncommon. Last year, a taxi driver in Bangkok was caught masturbating while driving girls to school. After photos of him doing it were shared on social media, he was fined, had his license revoked, and also faced criminal charges.

The jeepney driver in Manila faced a similar fate. He was brought to the police station and charged with reckless imprudence resulting in damage to property and acts of lasciviousness.

What can we say, he had it coming.

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