Insulting? American kids try dinuguan, balot and taho, and many Filipinos are not happy

Dinuguaan (pig’s blood) is no pizza, and balut (baby duck) is a far cry from fried chicken. It’s a struggle serving these dishes to the pickiest eaters in the world (aka ALL children).

Following the trend of getting kids to try different cuisines, WatchCut got seven adorable and adventurous kids to try dilis, dinuguan, cripy pata, balut and taho. 

Dilis is a kind of small fish, crispy pata is deep fried pig trotters or knuckles, and taho is a dessert made from tofu. Pinoys eat these on a regular basis. 

Most of the kids on the video are of Filipino descent. Two of them easily figured out that the dishes were from the Philippines. 

Except for a little girl who said that the food “smells good,” none of them was too excited about trying out the grub.

“Blood can’t be solid, it’s liquid. Sorry, I don’t believe you,” said one of the kids who tried dinuguan. 

The kids were amused with having to eat fish head and bones. Surprisingly, three kids tried balut!

Being young, the stars of the video were able to get away with saying anything and still look unbelievably cute. 

WatchCut, on the other hand, is getting slammed for serving Filipino food in an “insulting way.”

Filipinos on defense mode pointed out that the fish served was tuyo, not dilis. And some said that dinuguan should’ve been served with puto. 

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WatchCut’s biggest mistake was serving taho with milk instead of arnibal or melted brown sugar.

“If you’re gonna serve dishes wherein you need to have acquired taste in order to appreciate it, at least present it accurately. Especially when serving children.” said G.B on the comments section of the post. 

G.B.’s comment got nearly 20,000 likes. 

“I’m so tired of Filipino food being misrepresented as “gross” just because it was prepared wrong. No more stereotyping Filipino food as gross! Filipino cuisine has so much to offer,” she added. 

Insulting? Honest mistake? Poor attempt to put Pinoy food on the spotlight? You decide.


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