Heartbroken dude in Caloocan punches strangers, destroys jeepney on Valentine’s Day

Image for illustrative purposes only. Photo: Dan Burton/Unsplash
Image for illustrative purposes only. Photo: Dan Burton/Unsplash

A man flew into a drunken rage yesterday because he had no date for Valentine’s Day.

Zaldy Balbuena was riding a jeepney at about 11pm in Bagong Silang in North Caloocan when he suddenly beat up his co-passengers.

This compelled driver Nestor Jasmin to stop the vehicle, but instead of calming down, Balbuena looked for a pipe and smashed the jeepney’s windshield and side mirrors.

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Balbuena said he was just mad over the fact that he didn’t have anyone for Valentine’s Day.

“Nothing. Zero. Love problems. I have no date,” he told the news program Unang Balita.

Jasmin reported the incident to village officials. Balbuena has apologized and said he was willing to pay for the damages. However, his co-passengers and Jasmin said they are intent on filing charges against the brokenhearted dude.




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