‘God’ proves he exists in tweet to Duterte 

Screenshot from @TheTweetofGod Twitter account.

The man upstairs has spoken, and he wants Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte out of office.

Well, sort of.

In a speech last week, Duterte challenged the existence of God.

“And if there is anyone of you there, the noisy ones, who would say that you have been to heaven, and talked to God and saw him personally and that he exists, the God that is yours. And if that is true, I will step down from the Presidency tonight,” he said while addressing attendees of the National Science and Technology Week Celebration.

Being omnipresent and all-knowing, ‘God’ quickly got wind of the president’s latest jab at religion and took it upon himself to, once and for all, settle the debate and give Duterte’s critics what they’ve always wanted.

“Here I am. Now go, bastard,” a tweet from Saturday reads.

Sure, it came from the satirical Twitter account @TheTweetofGod (Which, by the way, has more than 5 million followers) but netizens were loving it.

Apart from people who got a little too serious and may have forgotten that this is all a joke, many were in on the fun.

“I’m an atheist but okay with this statement,” @Coffeejunkie82 said.


@Lnz0890 joked and said: “I wonder if thousands of years from now religious researchers will find these tweets and add them to the Bible under the Book of Tweet?”

“I am a Filipino and I highly approve of this. Amen!” @wineandcheese1_ declared.


It also got an “Amen” from @TweetofAbby and @kaidantonio.

@nileshkoul went ahead and stated the obvious: “He is asking for the twitter verification (where is the blue check?).”

Oh, you of little faith.

Duterte’s statement is just latest of his anti-God remarks. While he has spoken out against the Catholic church in the past, last month, the president went as far as calling God “stupid” during a speech.

This did not go well with the mostly devoutly Catholic Filipinos and became a national controversy. It got so big, the issue even made its way to international headlines, including a shout out in U.S. news satire The Daily Show.

Apparently, his statements are so crazy that they make for the best punchlines — even “God” couldn’t help but make a joke.

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