Duterte’s right hand man shares fake news, says ‘the world needs laughter’

What’s worse than fake news websites? People who knowingly share their stories and think that’s okay because “the world needs laughter.”

Case in point: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s right-hand man, Peter Tiu Lavina, who shared a report from a website called “The T1mes” on Tue morning, Sep 27.

The headline: Africa Presidents Magufuli, Mugabe Praise Duterte, say he is a ‘hero’.

John Pombe Magafuli, Tanzania’s new president, has been nicknamed “The Bulldozer” because he gets things done. Robert Mugabe, on the other hand, meh. He’s incompetent and and has been blamed for Zimbabwe’s economic problems because “he has shown no understanding of how a modern economy works.”

“Ha ha ha, the more his critics attack him, the more he is endeared and gaining more followers! #PresidentDuterte is proving to be a world class world leader. Pilde maglagot. LoL,” wrote Tiu-Laviña on his post.

When one FB user, Geraldine Lusan-Beltran, asked him to please delete the post because it’s satire news, Tiu-Laviña replied, “The world needs laughter Please don’t be KJ Ha ha ha.”

His post has been shared 4,588 as of this writing. 

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