Does a security officer have power over the Russian Ambassador’s official vehicle?

We love it when security officers do their jobs, but this guy from Mckinley Hill was a bit too overeager.

In a post shared by Miko Duñgo Camacho on the Top Gear Facebook page, he shared how a security officer was caught in the process of removing the plate of a Mercedez Benz parked in front of the PCGI building in McKinley Hill. That in itself is a violation, according to most netizens, since only LTO personnel can actually remove plates. 

The bigger problem? With a plate number of 1000, the car actually belongs to a Russian Diplomat. This means that the car is actually a “moving territory” of Russia. As pointed out in most of the comments on the post, the owner of the car has “diplomatic immunity” according to the Vienna Convention. 

Perhaps the security officer has an explanation for his actions. He needs to start speaking up. We don’t want trouble with Russia just because of a simple traffic “violation”.

This is definitely a sign that security personnel in the Philippines need more training in dealing with diplomats. In January, a customs examiner commited a serious breach in opening a Japanese dipomat’s pouches. 

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