Chinese national arrested for mauling Makati traffic enforcer, cyclist

Chinese national Dong Li at the Makati police station. Photo from Makati City Police
Chinese national Dong Li at the Makati police station. Photo from Makati City Police

Lady, why so angry?

A Chinese woman caught in a viral video mauling a Makati City traffic enforcer and a cyclist was arrested by the authorities, the media reported yesterday.

Dong Li was arrested on Tuesday and is currently facing charges of physical injuries and resistance to persons in authority. If found guilty, she could be jailed for up to 10 days or be fined a minuscule amount of PHP550 (US$11).

Dong became a viral sensation thanks to a video taken by Jayson Boongaling which shows her kicking and hitting a traffic enforcer on his head while both of them are in the middle of Jupiter Street. Reports said that Dong became enraged when the enforcer tried to stop her from jaywalking.

After a few seconds of mauling the enforcer, Dong vents her ire towards a passing cyclist named Jefferson Sosa, whom she hits with her umbrella for no reason.

Watch Boongaling’s video below, which has been shared almost 48,000 times.

The public is now calling for the deportation of Dong.

However, she is not the first Chinese woman to have gone viral for behaving badly. In February last year, a Chinese fashion student threw a cup full of soy drink (taho) towards a policeman when he stopped the former from entering MRT-3’s Boni station in Mandaluyong. At that time, there was a ban on all liquid drinks in the entire MRT-3 line– a policy that the foreign student apparently did not appreciate.



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