Challenge Accepted: Filipinos join viral #TrashTagChallenge trend

Photo: We Don’t Deserve This Planet/FB

Finally, an online challenge worth taking on.

A new trend happening around the world is encouraging people to clean polluted areas and post before and after shots of it. It was first popular among environmentalists but now even regular Filipino citizens are taking part.

The trend has two hashtags: #ChallengeforChange or #TrashtagChallenge. It started in 2015 when an outdoor lighting company called UCO created the hashtag to urge people to pick up after themselves while out in the wild.

It’s a simple “pics or it didn’t happen” situation. All you have to do is take a photo of an area to clean up and then post another photo showing that you’ve done the job.

Most of the social media captions will look like this: “#ChallengeForChange. Let it be Trending! Here is a New #Challenge for all. Take a photo of an area that Needs some Cleaning or Maintenance, Then Take a Photo after you Have Done Something about it, and Post it.”

The trend boomed on social media recently after influencer Byron Román posted about it and encouraged “bored teens” to try it out.

And many did, including Filipino Krisha Mae Sarino.

Myra Amara shared a similar post, posing with all sorts of trash and their walis-tingtings (brooms) in the first shot. The second shows them putting the trash in big black bags.

Iyah Niegos Fajardo also shared her own version of it. She shared a before photo of a “garbage pick up point” signage which can hardly be seen due to the rubbish in the area. Her next photo shows the area squeaky clean.

Computer company NEC Philippines Inc. also joined in on the new trend. “This is definitely one challenge the Earth will love you for,” it said in its post.

The Malabang National Highschool in Malabang, Lanao del Sur also shared their version of the challenge.

Facebook page We Don’t Deserve This Planet shared a before and after photo of Patrick del Rosario’s hard work in his area in Quezon, Nueva Ecija province.

Mother nature is proud.

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