Because it apparently had to be said, VP Robredo clarifies she’s not part of rally to oust Duterte

Vice President Leni Robredo speaking at a 2019 briefing in her Quezon City office <i>Photo: Jonathan Cellona / ABS-CBN News</i>
Vice President Leni Robredo speaking at a 2019 briefing in her Quezon City office Photo: Jonathan Cellona / ABS-CBN News

While it’s no secret that President Rodrigo Duterte and Vice President Leni Robredo do not have a warm relationship, the VP today clarified that she is by no means part of a Feb. 22 protest calling for the resignation of the temperamental chief executive.

Robredo counseled that any form of public expression which was aimed to hold the president accountable should follow the rule of law if it sought to contribute to the “strengthening of our institutions.” At the same time, she also distanced herself from the anti-Duterte event, which will occur days ahead of the 34th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution.

“The constitution firmly states the right of the people to convene and express their opinion is sacred,” Robredo said in a statement written in Filipino addressing the anti-Duterte protest.

“Let me be clear outright: I am not a part of any calls to oust President Duterte from his post. My only request is we do our jobs in service to our country,” Robredo maintained.

She added, “I am confident that the gathering will be peaceful. I also trust that any calls from our ranks will be in accordance with our constitution and will not resort to any violence.”

CNN Philippines reports that a group called Bunyog (“United”) hopes the protest, in the same spirit of the EDSA Revolution that toppled Ferdinand Marcos, will also lead to Duterte’s resignation. The group, however, maintained that there are no politicians behind the rally.

In July last year, an inciting sedition complaint against Robredo and several members of the opposition was filed over their alleged involvement in the controversial “narco list” viral videos, in a plot to oust Duterte.

Robredo and 25 others were cleared of the charges earlier this month, while former Senator Antonio  Trillanes IV and 10 others have now been charged for allegedly conspiring to commit sedition against the president over the same videos.

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