Artist electrocutes cockroach on mini execution chair

Photo via Gabriel Co Tuazon’s Facebook page.
Photo via Gabriel Co Tuazon’s Facebook page.

What’s up with people and torturing cockroaches?

After a guy tormented two roaches last week and posted photos on Facebook, here’s another torture video involving the pest — and this time, it’s a lot more creative.

Facebook user Gabriel Tuazon shared a video of a cockroach on a mini electric chair yesterday which has garnered over 19,000 likes and 31,000 shares as of posting.

On his caption, Tuazon recounted what happened in Filipino. Apparently, the poor cockroach entered his house after he opened the window and even “invited its friends” to come along.

Unlike most people who probably would’ve just used their tsinelas (slippers) to kill the roach, Tuazon, a junk sculpture artist, got crafty.

As revenge, he created a miniature-sized electric chair to torture the cockroach with.

“You insects are so dirty, even I’m dirty because of you! You deserve the electric chair,” he wrote on Facebook.

He ended the post by saying: “To your friends that will enter my room, it’s the death penalty for you.”

Chill, dude.

As weird as it is, the electric chair is actually kind of impressive.

In a Facebook message with Coconuts Manila, Tuazon said he made it out of old plywood. He also used tiny pieces of metal where the flow of electricity shot out from.

“[I only use] recycled [materials], from thrown out items,” the artist said.

He said it took around two hours to make as he had to gather materials from junk.

And it’s a working contraption too.

Tuazon said he really did electrocute the insect. On the video, you can see it twitching by the 1:10 mark.

After the incident, Tuazon placed the cockroach in a “coffin,” aka an old matchbox.

Photo via Gabriel Tuazon’s Facebook.

Naturally, reactions on social media work mixed.

Janine Basbas tagged a friend and wrote: “So cool.”

One noticed the weird new “trend” involving cockroaches.

Pong Alvarez asked a friend: “Why is it that [people] are picking on cockroaches. Haha. How did they save all of them? Yaaak! (Yuuuck!)”

Kristina Abatayo didn’t find it too amusing as she wrote in Filipino: “Son of a b*tch ew poor thing.”

The video’s background music was local singer Gary Valenciano’s Wag Ka Nang Umiyak (Stop Crying) that had a bittersweet effect on one netizen.

Nelwin Cruz said: “[The] BG (background) music”

Shela Banuelos wrote: “So sad rip..”

Regz Lamson wrote: “Disgusting”

Another Facebook user questioned why he had to torture the roach in the first place.

Josef Dasco wrote: “We’re so cruel to other animals. Good thing we turned out to be humans. But what if we became the cockroaches?”

Aside from mini execution chairs, Tuazon also makes far less controversial art pieces, like this miniature penguin standing atop an ice cube tray.

And this sculpture of the Great Wall of China made with pencil lead.

What do you think of this video? Cool or too much? Leave a comment below or tweet us at @CoconutsManila.

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