Guy draws mixed reactions after posting cockroach ‘torture’ video

Screenshot via Facebook page of J K Diaz Lumio.
Screenshot via Facebook page of J K Diaz Lumio.

If this isn’t the weirdest thing you’ve seen on your timeline, we don’t know what is.

Facebook user J K Lumio posted two videos on Wednesday showing cockroaches that were being tortured. Lumio wrote in Filipino: “I finally captured you [cockroaches]. I’m going to make things hard on you for biting my eye.”

“My eye got swollen for almost two days,” he added, stating that one of the cockroaches even had the gall to call his “buddy” for help.

In the first video, one cockroach was taped to what seems to be a plastic drawer. Lumio can be seen pointing a ballpen at the cockroach, and used it to hit the insect if it appeared to “fight back.”

Lumio spotted another cockroach and waited to strike it at the right time with a flip-flop.

In the second video, two cockroaches have been taped to the drawer, and both of them were hit by the tip of the ballpen as he hurled invectives at them.

Finally, Lumio put them out of their misery when he brought out a can of insecticide and sprayed a good amount on each insect.

Some netizens had a good laugh with what they saw, with one writing in Filipino: “I’m the one getting hurt for the cockroach [smileys].”

Telly Arlos wrote: “I’m dying of laughter here.”

While others didn’t really take it seriously, they asked if it can be considered as animal cruelty.

Daniel Duran asked: “Does this count as animal cruelty? HAHAHAHAHA”

Frederick Cruz tagged a friend and said: “Tsk. Tsk. This is animal cruelty. The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) might fight back. HAHAHAHA.”

One said Lumio was just doing it to gain popularity. “Attention whore. You stress me out [angry emoticon],” wrote Richie Magbanua.

Another said: “Disgusting HAHAHAHA. So ruthless to the cockroaches.”

Nicole King felt empathy for the insects: “Crying for them.”

What did you feel when you saw this? Leave a comment below or tweet us at @CoconutsManila.

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