Annoyed Mayor Sotto tells constituents to listen first before asking questions

Mayor Vico Sotto. Screenshot from Donna Rafael’s video
Mayor Vico Sotto. Screenshot from Donna Rafael’s video

Everyone seems to be enamored with Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto these days. Today, he just became a tad more endearing to his fans when he threw a mild tantrum during a live stream that was broadcast on his Facebook page.

Sotto was discussing the Pasig Supplemental Special Amelioration Program (SAP), a project where each resident in the city will receive PHP8,000 (US$158.26) if they didn’t get any financial aid from the national government. He mentioned that everyone will get the money, including those living in condominiums. However, one of the netizens watching his live stream may have missed that part, and asked if condo-dwellers will still get the amount— a question that irked the young mayor.

“No! They are included. You’re so confusing to talk to sometimes! I just said everyone is included!” he said in Filipino and English, while his team could be heard chuckling in the background.

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“My hair is going to turn white from this! I just said everyone is included. People living in condos will not be ignored. They will be included in the supplemental SAP. You keep commenting when you should be listening first,” Sotto added.

Watch his video below, and look at how he scratches his head out of sheer frustration.

Cute, huh?

Sotto is fairly popular, thanks to his showbiz background (both of his parents are actors) and innovative governance style. Not everyone is a fan, however, including President Rodrigo Duterte, who threatened to sue him if he plans to disobey the rules set by the national government that are meant to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Sotto eventually followed the president’s orders but became the subject of an investigation launched by the overzealous National Bureau of Investigation. The case has yet to reach its conclusion.

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