5-month-old baby girl allegedly kidnapped by nanny returned safely to parents

Princess Jean Perrin with her daughter Taylor Victoriano. <i>Photo: Perrin/FB</i>
Princess Jean Perrin with her daughter Taylor Victoriano. Photo: Perrin/FB

Taylor Hayley Victoriano, the 5-month-old baby allegedly kidnapped by her newly hired nanny, was surrendered to her parents on the program “Wanted sa Radyo” (“Wanted on Radio”) yesterday.

The baby’s nanny, Kristine Joy Salik, brought Taylor to the program’s television studio in Mandaluyong City after seeing the child’s parents being interviewed by the host, Raffy Tulfo. Tulfo had planned to have Salik’s photo posted on the show’s Facebook page to raise awareness about Taylor’s disappearance, which led Salik to surrender the child to her parents out of fear.

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Salik, however, maintained she had no intention to kidnap the baby, saying she’d brought the girl with her to the mall on Wednesday while she transferred money, only to see the accusations of the alleged abduction pop up on Facebook.

“I was just going to remit money. [But] after one hour they posted on Facebook that I kidnapped [the child]. So I got scared,” she said.

But the baby’s mother, Princess Jean Perrin, challenged Salik’s version of events, denying that she wrote about her baby’s alleged abduction on Facebook immediately.

“So obviously, she’s lying,” Perrin said.

Perrin also accused Salik, whom she met through a Facebook group, of claiming that Taylor was her own child.

“She would say [on Facebook] that my daughter was hers. That it was her child and her boyfriend’s,” Perrin said.

Perrin also speculated, without evidence, that Salik was suffering from depression, which she claimed may have led her to abduct Taylor.

“She allegedly had a miscarriage, so she may have been traumatized. That’s why she’s claiming other people’s children as hers. She may have postpartum,” Perrin said.

Perrin and her partner, Eric Victoriano, say they will file kidnapping charges against Salik despite her denial that she abducted the baby. Taguig City police, meanwhile, have said they will interview Salik to determine whether it was really a kidnapping case.

The alleged abduction took place when Perrin and Victoriano were having a nap in their house in Taguig City. Perrin said she had initially wanted to have the baby sleep with them, but Salik volunteered to take care of her while they were resting. When the couple woke up three hours later, they couldn’t find Salik or their child.

The parents immediate sought help from village officials and posted CCTV footage of Salik with the baby to Facebook, kicking off a social media search for the child.


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