2 village councilors arrested in Cebu for illegal cockfighting

Image for illustrative purposes only. Photo: Nikolas Noonan/Unsplash
Image for illustrative purposes only. Photo: Nikolas Noonan/Unsplash

When will these people ever learn?

Two village councilors from Dumanjug in Cebu province were arrested yesterday by the police after they participated in an illegal cockfight in their area.

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Captured yesterday at about 5:30pm were councilors Rogelio Mayonila, 38, and Mark Bendanillo, 25, in the village of Candabong, SunStar Superbalita Cebu reports. Also arrested was their 17-year-old accomplice, whose name had been withheld.

Cops arrested the trio after their neighbors reported that they were attending a cockfight in their village, a violation of the enhanced community quarantine that has been imposed over Cebu. Major Ardeioleto Cabagnot, chief of the Dumanjug Police Station, said there were other participants in the cockfight, but they quickly scrambled before cops could arrest them.

“We were not able to arrest everyone as there were too many of them, and the police were not familiar with the area,” Cabagnot told Cebu Daily News.

The councilors allegedly confessed to Cabagnot that they joined the cockfight because they were already bored from being cooped up in their homes. Cabagnot told the Manila Bulletin in a separate interview that Mayonila and Bendanillo were also arrested in March for participating in another cockfight.

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“Cockfight in this area is very common because there are a lot of gamefowl breeders here. But we have warned them that holding of cockfights is prohibited because of the current enhanced community quarantine,” said Cabagnot.

The suspects will be charged for violating quarantine protocols as well as Presidential Decree 1602, which prohibits illegal gambling.

The arrest in Cebu comes a month after several people in Valenzuela City participated in an illegal derby, which prompted its Mayor Rex Gatchalian to order the killing and cooking of the gamecocks, which were seized in the raid.

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