What was he thinking? Comedian gets Duterte-Bong Go tattoo

Is that Bong Go-Rodrigo Duterte tattoo for real? Photo: Moymoy Palaboy/FB
Is that Bong Go-Rodrigo Duterte tattoo for real? Photo: Moymoy Palaboy/FB

Despite all the questionable stuff President Rodrigo Duterte has done (and there are quite a lot), he still has a ton of fans in the country. They would do anything for him — even get his face tattooed on their body.

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Meet comedian James Ronald Obeso, a member of the singing duo Moymoy Palaboy. Obeso made everyone laugh when he showed off his back to the public yesterday, displaying not just a Duterte tattoo but also the face of the chief exec’s erstwhile assistant, Senator Christopher “Bong” Go. Obeso also had a Philippine flag drawn beside the two politicians, because, really, isn’t it the highest form of patriotism to love Duterte and Go?


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“Courage and compassion. For the continued change [of society] here are my idols who are sincere people,” Obeso wrote in the now-viral post, which has been shared almost 2,600 times since it appeared. As of writing, the image of Obeso’s back has received almost 20,000 laugh reactions, because, who wouldn’t chuckle at a Duterte-Go tattoo?

The comments left by fans and critics alike were equally hilarious. “It should have been a China flag [drawn there],” joked one person. Duterte is known for his close relationship with the Chinese government, and critics have said he has become Beijing’s lapdog.

Image: Moymoy Palaboy/FB
Image: Moymoy Palaboy/FB

“You’re such a pet lover,” joked another person.

Image: Moymoy Palaboy/FB
Image: Moymoy Palaboy/FB

“You’re such a comedian. You have a tattoo of a big joke on your back,” said another.

Image: Moymoy Palaboy/FB
Image: Moymoy Palaboy/FB

Obeso has long been known for his close ties with the government. Duterte and Go even sent him a video greeting when he celebrated his birthday in July 2020.

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