How To Stay Zen When You’re Thrown In A Lion’s Den: A survival guide for Pinoy commuters

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Surviving the morning commute in Manila is an art form. The crazy routine usually involves some combination of being packed like sardines into the MRT, hanging off jeepneys, sweating on total strangers, and battling those ubiquitous queue jumpers, and some say it’s only getting worse. (Aren’t you getting riled up just thinking about it?!)

Of course, when a headache hits, the fast, safe, brain-strain reliever Saridon should be in your pocket. A tablet and headache medicine that has the Triple Action Formula of paracetamol, propyphenazone, and caffeine provides that much-needed relief during the morning or evening commute. So, from Saridon and Coconuts, here are a few of the most headache-inducing parts of the Manila commute, and some tips on how to deal.

Photo: Coconuts Media
Photo: Coconuts Media

Squeezing into the MRT

Ah, the MRT. Can’t live with it, can’t get to work on time without it. This mode of transport is the first stop for many a morning commuter. (Except for this lady who figured out that a boat would be way faster.) So, how do you deal with the stress of getting to work in this dehumanizing manner when there’s barely enough room for you to lift your hands and massage your temples? We recommend putting in those headphones and shutting out the outside world. Close your eyes, turn on your most zen playlist and zone out.

Photo: Coconuts Media
Photo: Coconuts Media

That jeepney life

Jeepneys will always have a place in Filipino’s lives, we hope. These war-era cars are a part of our culture, even though we regularly curse the drivers, roads, and crowds of fellow passengers in rush hour. (Sorry, dude sitting next to us this morning, we didn’t mean it.) So, how to keep from blowing a gasket on your daily jeepney ride? We prefer to catch up on the latest shows — especially since you can practically binge-watch a whole season in Manila traffic. Lifehack: Don’t forget to download shows at home using Wi-Fi so you can watch on the go!

Photo: Coconuts Media
Photo: Coconuts Media

Buses, FX, taxis, and the rest of the traffic mumbo jumbo

For the rest of us whose journey doesn’t end with an MRT or jeepney ride, there’s always the inevitable bus, taxi, FX, or tricycle ride to complete the excursion. Our main issue with these forms of transport is the crazy fast driving and swerving. Okay, we get it, you have to get there fast and time is money. We don’t want a lecture about punctuality (or worse) from our boss either. But that swerving makes watching shows a bit nauseating. Our solution: play a game on your phone. The swinging movements help you get into character and make it feel like a 4D experience. Who needs to pay for roller coasters 3D movies when we have games on our phone and an FX ride?

Photo: Coconuts Media
Photo: Coconuts Media

Queue jumpers: When to speak up, and when to let your elbows do the talking

The scenario: An elderly lady jostles her way in front of you, and you let it go (you’re not a monster, just a commuter), then a middle-aged man senses your weakness and also pushes ahead. Next thing you know, the MRT doors are closing and you’re clocking in late. There’s no real rule here. After all, we don’t want you name-dropping Coconuts mid-fist fight somewhere between Guadalupe and Buendia. But when push comes to shove (not literally), you either politely stand your ground or pop back in those earphones and be thankful for the extra time to listen to your fave podcast. Remember, stay zen.

Photo: Ken Marshall / Flickr
Photo: Ken Marshall / Flickr

Surviving your fellow passengers

One final headache-inducing nuisance is the feeling of being pushed up against strangers, most of whom are sweating profusely (but who can blame ‘em). That brutal Philippine sun just keeps reminding us how close we are to the equator while making us ask, why aren’t shorts mandatory corporate workwear? One strategy for dealing with the extreme proximity to your fellow humans is sniffing some calming essential oils. Let the scent of lavender or peppermint clear your sinuses and your mind. You’ll be all the calmer for it.

Thanks for staying with us on this journey of traffic analysis. (Let us guess, you’re currently on the MRT with nothing else to read?) But what should you do when you’ve exhausted all these tips, and the commute-induced headache just won’t go away, you ask? One quick, effective solution is Saridon.

Saridon medicine tablets relieve headaches as fast as 15 minutes — basically, 3 traffic light stops then! Plus, the relief will last your entire commute, making it much more bearable, and allowing you to move on to your busy, jam-packed work schedule. (Okay – we’ll need another whole article to tackle those office-related headaches!) But seriously guys, Saridon is specially formulated to be safe, fast, and effective headache relief.

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