‘Singing for a friend’: Musician Jimmy Bondoc defends Duterte concert against critics

<i>Photo: Jimmy Bondoc, NDM Studios / FB </i>
Photo: Jimmy Bondoc, NDM Studios / FB

Nobody should fault him for serenading his good friend President Rodrigo Duterte, singer-songwriter Jimmy Bondoc told critics after drawing flak for throwing an online concert this coming Saturday, titled “Sing for the President.”

“There is nothing wrong with singing for a friend. We have sung for frontliners, for many charities, for affected musicians, and more. Now, we just want to sing for our friend,” Bondoc, a self-proclaimed Diehard Duterte Supporter (DDS) — a name given to the president’s fans — wrote today on his social media.

“God bless all of the detractors. I am really praying for you. May all this hate leave all of our hearts and our lives. My whole life, music and prayer, and nothing else, have proven to be the most effective answer to hatred. Not debate, not legal positions, not retaliation, not anger. Prayer and music. So we will sing. August 30, Sabbath…It’s a new day,” the musician added.

Over the weekend, the 45-year-old musician announced on video that they will stage the online show for the president because “he looks very tired”– something that the DDS seems to say about Duterte all the time.

“I think in our own way, we can serve him, and serve the country in our small way through music,” he said.

Bondoc urged other Duterte supporters to watch the concert, which will be billed by fellow DDS artists Freddie Aguilar, Dulce, Chad Borja, Mocha Uson, and Paolo Santos, among others. He also urged more musicians to join in on the relaxing presidential show.

Ironically, while Bondoc said the concert was meant to spread “peace and love again to social media,” detractors were quick to find fault in the announcement, with one @jownuss tweeting, “Thanks, Jimmy, for enumerating the artists we need to cancel ASAP.”


User @DruidicBard tweeted, “Why would these ‘celebrities’ sing for the President when the whole country is in a deep depression. If they need to please someone, it’s the Filipino people, not the President only.”

A frustrated @nico_quejano said that it’s actually health care workers who are tired and need a “time out” and insinuated that the artists should perform for them instead of Duterte.

Earlier this month, medical workers asked the government to impose a stricter lockdown so that they could cope with the rising cases of COVID-19 in hospitals, and to give the administration time to improve their pandemic response. The modified enhanced community quarantine was implemented in Metro Manila and nearby areas, but Duterte accused medical workers of “demeaning” his government and planning to stage a revolution.

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