Sarah Wurtzbach tells Pinoys to stop harassing Pia after publicly exposing sister

Sarah and Pia Wurtzbach. Photo: Pia’s IG
Sarah and Pia Wurtzbach. Photo: Pia’s IG

The War of the Wurtzbachs is far from over.

Shortly after posting damaging online rants directed at her family, Sarah Wurtzbach yesterday appealed to netizens to “stop hating” her sister Pia Wurtzbach.

Her statement comes shortly after posting a series of Instagram Stories where she called out the former Miss Universe and their mother Cheryl Alonzo Tyndall. Sarah accused both women of urging her to leave her husband for his alleged failure to support her two children. Tyndall also allegedly told her youngest daughter that she deserved to be raped and that Sarah’s children are better off being raised by strangers due to her unstable behavior.

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Sarah said in her now-deleted Instagram post that she is still fuming, but the public’s “negative words” towards Pia “will not fix anything.”

Image: Sarah Wurtzbach/IG
Image: Sarah Wurtzbach/IG

“If anything, you’re condoning negativity and that’s what’s wrong with the world,” she said.

The London-based Sarah said that she was “fighting a losing battle every day” and that she regrets taking it too far, “but being silenced for many years takes a toll on you.”

“I don’t want fame or be acknowledged by others, or money or things. I really just want a hug…I feel so alone every day,” she added.

Sarah also told people to stop following her on social media if they wanted to gossip about her and her family.

“I’m not tolerating idiots that don’t understand the gravity of the situation,” she said.

In her damaging posts directed at Pia, Sarah accused the beauty queen of being obsessed with money and failing to provide comfort during her times of need.

“[J]ust because I keep silent doesn’t mean I’m the one who is wrong here. I am the one who has to remain understanding when I was the one who was abused. You a**holes,” Sarah said.


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