Sarah Geronimo distracted by Piolo Pascual during movie shoot

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Piolo Pascual and Sarah Geronimo are currently shooting a movie called The Breakup Playlist.
Okay, before we proceed, can we just say that we think Sarah seems a little too young for him? Okay, thanks.
Anyway, this is the first time the two are working together in the big screen. Sarah was last seen in the movie It Takes a Man and a Woman, while Piolo was last seen in the movie Starting Over Again.
The Breakup Playlist is the story of two singers who collaborate on a song and in the process develop feelings for each other.
In what seems to be early promo for the movie, there is a video showing several takes of the two performing together, but with Sarah being distracted by Piolo’s stare. “Ang hirap naman nitong pinapagawa niyo,” she said in one take.
Unprofessional? Cute? Oh well, it’s Piolo Pascual who is staring, for crying out loud!

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